HondaLink // Naviplus introduces mobile-free GPS Sat Navigation Upgrade

Ever since CarPlay was announced for development & partnership with automotive industry back in mid 2013, Honda was the first runner up for the implementation on their vehicles, followed up by Ferrari, Hyundai and Volvo later on.

And in 2014 Honda released their complete own version of CarPlay with core features, known as HondaLink those applied on every single range of vehicle apart from Accord, Accord Euro (CU2 Got discontinued in Australia since 2013) and new Civic that recently has been announced back in early May of this year.

Despite the fact that the CarPlay was the ideal and revolutionary update on Automotive industry, It took so many times to adjust it properly (still on going) and in some countries It's not fully supported still, waiting upon update from manufacturer - and device firmware participate in delaying full usage of it.

Apart from Ferrari - which was fully granted with full support from Apple with entire feature Apple developed.

But anyway, in terms of the HondaLink's GPS system - partnered with Sygic GPS Navigation, Honda has been offering the Sygic powered GPS Navigation system , utilizing CarPlay's initial set up of powering certain apps based on wired connection between Phone and audio.

Yet due to It's based on mobile data that can be heavily affected by environment / location, and as mentioned above, mobile powered GPS , and then linked again to Audio unit - may not always deliver the best results and already there are people experiencing hard to use, and complaining that even that old Map Disc type Navigation on Luxury trim is better than this.