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A Camera system that grants more than genuine Mercedes Benz's. Featured with Dynamic Guidelines

Mercedes Benz is one of the few car manufacturers that is from Europe & still refuses to follow the way of most car manufacturers do.

Their design hasn't really changed throughout their ilneup and previous series, still grants this impact of luxury and somewhat considered as 'proof of success' in life.

Yet just like its other competitors - BMW , Audi , Jaugar etc, It strictly follows the rule of capitalism:

' You get what you pay for.'

It could be meaning that Benz is worth every dollar you pay, but also could be mean If you don't pay more, you don't get more.

Whilst Benz usually have those popular features people always look for : Leather Interior, Sunroof, Front and Rear sensors, Daytime Running Light (DRL), intensive Fog Lights etc,

Other features like Aux, Bluetooth (well, for previous models back in 07~2012) that can stream audio, GPS Navigation and Front / Rear / Bird eye view Cameras.

Especially when it comes to Audio features, brand new GLA Class that costs around at least $58K for base model - still doesn't come with Aux at all.

While Holden Barina that has drive away price of $19.2K has Aux and variety of other gizmos.

Obviously those features can be purchased via 'Optional Package', with fancy name of 'Luxury pack' or some slick name of 'Discoverline' etc.

Yet the price is too much and you have to either wait for few months to install those systems or need to purchase upper model - really depends on dealership's strategy.

Genuine parts are sometimes worth waiting and sometimes worth make a wrtie an essay and a half of complaints.

Yet their so called genuine parts arent' always the best quality and option, yes they do get covered by warranty. But that is it.

In our point of view - not as an aftermarket Audio specialist - as in point of view of former Mercedes owners and touched numerous Mercedes in past - Mercedes really shoul up their quality with their optional accessories, especially Bluetooth, GPS, Camera.

For Navigation, being not touch functional is acceptable, It isn't really that hard to use and somewhat fits to design of Benz as considering the distance between driver and actual audio display. - Due to the audio display has integrated bit more deeper than other vehicle's audio.

But camera, that's where the tragedy begins.

Nowadays Benz decided to include the guidelines for pakring, they call it 'Dynamic Guidelines Display', since 2013 when the major facelifting started.

But vehicles below 2013, regardless of classess (apart from S class), none of vehicles had those. (If have, It's most likely the system installed by aftermarket installers like us under Dealerships' contract)

Whilst most of them had Reverse Camera compatiblity and lots of them actually did have Camera, this lines and Sensor UI weren't there.

It's pretty confusing when you actually look at those lines but within 4~5 times of reverse parkings you will find yourself staring at those lines to fit the car into the spot, rather than checking with side mirrors.

A 'Dynamic Guide Line system' that has been implemented to C Class in early 2014, now comes with

every Benz that has Factory Reverse Camera. (You still need to pay to get it)

This guideline system isn't really must have item, yet the fact that how much did you steer and distance calculation with sensor warning on screen is a somethng worth having.

Having said that, owners of Mercedes Benz pre-2014 models might feel they are missing out, yet due to not compatible and dealerships won't really pay attention to the concerns - some people just live with it because the camera is still there and It still does it's main job of showing rear sight.

Which we totally agree.

If this Dynamic guide line for new Benz was a Plan A which turns out didn't work out for your Benz,

It's a Plan B then. Because there's always a Plan B.

Probably the main reason of this post, but us Naviplus has been always working with not just our manufacturers and developers in Korea but also commnuicate with our previous customers, Prestige vehicle dealerships and sometimes people from forum to talk about their needs and what kind of system, price and vehicle the market is focusing on.

A Reverse Camera system that grants Dynamic Guide Lines and Optical Sensor System - compatible with Pre 2014 Mercedes Benz models - Installed on MY10 E250

As you can see, It's not exactly same as the system current Benz has, but It still offers same features and mostable, It will be compatible with your vehicle.

Moving guide lines will show the direction of steering wheel, and disatnace will be shown on Optical sensor Ui with colors - Green to Yellow then Red.

Also, front sensors are compatible with the system as well - if Front camera is installed / or you are parking in Reverse parallel between 2 cars, both Front and Rear sensors will be displayed with color alarams.

Not to mention rear sight will pop up as soon as you put your car on reverse, the way it should be.

Although It doesn't grant the function of the genuine system that switchable between Camera / Sensor only, It will still do what It's meant to do, and besides why would someone want Sensor to be displayed only while the car has reverse camea working fine?

It's not a game changing feature nor best system you can ever have. But as we said, when Plan A isn't working, you gotta try Plan B.

And when the Plan B grants you the same or better quality with more reasonable price, at some point

it will become a Plan A that always works.

Below 2 photos are a Navigation system of our own, installed along with Reverse Camera.

As customer found out that our Camera system also grants input for GPS Box, and when he saw a demo car of ours, he did not hesitate to include the Navigation in his order.

The Navigation system is powered by iGO Primo, with license of 1 year unlimited Free update provided by Naviextra

Compatible with most of Mercedes after 2009, those with color audio display (either 5.8" or 7").

Our RRP of Camera system = $850.00 supplied and fitted - With 1 year warranty

RRP of Navigation system = $1,400.00 supplied and fitted - With 1 Year Warranty

RRP of Both Camera and Navigation : $1,600.00 supplied and fitted with 1 Year Warranty.

Feel free to check our link in this website.

Or you are always welcome to contact us via Facebook / email.

Thank you for reading.

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