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Audi A1 - Apple CarPlay Integration, using control pad

Bit of an update news for Audi A1 from 2011(MY12) to 2018 which we believe the last year of this body / series.

Unlike other Audi models like A4 / A5 / A6 etc, We've been offering touch overlay option only, to add CarPlay & Android auto -

Which involves with overlaying a transparent touch panel, on top of the original display.

Allowing the CarPlay / Android auto to use touchscreen for the config.

Whilst it provides the faster control and easier user experience, you may often need to lean towards the front to reach the screen and the touch screen often provides the glare from sunlight coming through the sunroof.

Hence We've been testing the new CarPlay / Android auto solution, to use:

The original control pad in center console - to use the dial knob and buttons surrounding it.

Whilst It will still use the same audio screen and sound system, to provide closest experience to the factory fitted CarPlay & Android Auto.

Above is the video made during previous installation - installed on 2015 Audi A1, which didn't have factory fitted NAV hence customer decided to install CarPlay.

Notice that the audio is 'RMC', meaning it's equivalent to Symphony / Concert audio those were considered as base model / lower model to MMI (MultiMedia Interface)

The Audi used different headunit and spec between RMC audio and MMI - of course they have clear difference with function / features, but lots of people tend to get confused with those as both have quite similar / same design of the display and control pad.

As the difference between those 2 audio fitted cars are barely noticeable, Us Naviplus always request photo / software info of the audio to confirm compatibility and provide accurate product.

For RMC fitted Audi A1 this CarPlay / Android Auto Integration will definitely work with original control pad, whilst for MMi fitted Audi A1 / Q3 will only work with touch overlay at this stage.

Refer to the links below:

RMC audio (works with center control pad)

MMi (Works with touch overlay only)

Also, although the Q3 may have the different style of dash, they do share the same headunit and spec with A1, which above products will be compatible with Q3 with either RMC or MMi setup.

Although we reckon the our products for Audi won't be expanding anymore, as nowadays those current model ones all come with one, we will continue to improve the performance of our current solutions and we will be all ears to customers request / suggestions.

Thank you for reading.


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