BMW iDrive CIC-High Retrofitted Touch GPS Navigation System - from Naviplus

BMW F22 228i MY14 - One of the Beemers we worked on, and the one actually wanted to buy one.

There are 3 things common with those so called 'German Prestiges' - covers Mercedes, Audi and BMW.

1. They have most of luxury features as 'standard' throughout every trim / badge.

2. And they are really expensive compare to their competitiors.

3. No Touch infotainment systems whatsoever.

1 and 2 are acceptable, you pay what you get and those brands just added more base features for higher price.

But No.3, they should realize there are tons of threads and comments about why aren't they releasing Touch screen system for their vehicles. - (Check out Whirlpool, you can see the battle between haters and fanboys)

In our honest opinion, I really do hoping they realese the Touch iDrive (BMW) , Touch NTG(Merc) and Touch MMI(Audi) audio systems anytime sooner. It's good for drivers and good for Car audio business - because the car has built in Touch and less work to do.

However, all they done was allowing their dials to become a touch pad. And Audi didn't even bother doing that till last min.