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Volksawgen Golf Mk7 MirrorLink / AirPlay Retrofit

The alternative, and ultimate Smartphone Mirroring solution for your Golf, ideal if you like what Google Map / Apple Map Navigation grants, and also sick of Volksawgen's hopeless MirrorLink system.

Volkswagen Polo 6C MirrorLink / AirPlay Retrofit.

The probably best upgrade for Polo, especially early 6c GTi models, those came with 6.5" Audio screen but missed out MirrorLink from Volksawgen.

Of course, still compatible with every 6C Models ,regardless of audio screen size.

Volksawgen Composition Media Touch:
RCD330 Plus Audio Upgrade


The very own of Volkswagen - HD Screen, Bluetooth Phone & Audio,
Camera, Media player with SD / USB / AUX and Smartphone MirrorLink - possibly the best option available for your Veedub in OEM path.


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