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Car Model : VW Polo 6c TSI

Used System : VW_POLO_FIM

Used parts / Contens : N2 HD95 / Mirrbox (Wired / Wireless)

                                           iPhone 6 with iOS9.3
                                           Galaxy Note 5 with android 6.1

Category : VW Smartphone Integration

Reference,Tag : VW CarPlay, VW MirrorLink, AirPlay, Androidauto, 
                              Volkswagen MirrorLink Upgrade

Audio screen to Projector,

Use the audio display as a projector
for your smartphone.


Any action or apps launched, will be

displayed on audio screen.
Both vertical, landscape wise.


Factory Audio Retains same:

Nothing will be changed nor removed

from the vehicle, but only adding the
Smartphone Mirroring Function.


Uses Existing Down Arrow Button :
Enter and display Mirroring Mode on screen,

by press and hold of Down Arrow button

on Steering wheel control.
And if, the vehicle doesn't have a Steering wheel controls,

Prolonged press of 'CAR' button will do.

HDMI Digtal Wired Link Connection
Hotspot Wireless Connection available


Unrestricted App usage.

Any app / action you make via phone

will be displayed on Audio Screen.

Sound plays through Speakers,

via AUX or Bluetooth Audio Stream.

Factory Warranty retained
- Nothing changes nor removed.

Compatible with both

iOS and android Devices
*Connection method differs.

Imagine what you can display
on your audio display, with

your phone & Internet.

Literally duplicate and display your phone on audio screen of Golf & Polo Every action you make from the phone, will be displayed on the screen.

Any apps, any features that phone grant will be displayed and played on audio screen.

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