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BMW E90 3 Series - Touch GPS Navigation Retrofit

 Just think of what it can bring, whilst it will replace your old outdated Navigation from BMW. No more risky Navigation DVD Purchase from online, but straight GPS update via PC, and touch the screen to use Navigation.

BMW F20 1 Series - Touch GPS Navigation Upgrade

Our answer and offer for those early F20 1 series without Nav - 
Adding Touch function and GPS to power up the iDrive system,

whilst not changing nor remove anything from the car.

Also compatible with almost every new F Line up from BMW.

BMW E84 X1 - Replacement Audio Display with GPS

Whilst the similar sized mini SUVs like Q3, Tiguan received at least color screen, X1 had nothing but big storage compartment for base models, - time to get rid of that unncessary big mouth and invade it with Technology. 

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