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Car Model :  BMW E84 X1

Used System : 

Used Contents:  iGO Primo 2016 Q3 AUS Mapping

Category: BMW Integrated GPS

Reference,Tag :  BMW Touch GPS, BMW X1 Navigation, E84 X1
                              GPS Storage Idrive, Audio Upgrade

Compatible : BMW E84 X1 - 2009- 2015

User Friendly Designed.

iGO Primo, is the GPS Mapping ,
desigend from Customer's perspective. 

and granting simplest & easiest
Navigation Platform.


Factory Audio style designed,

Along with more features.

Beauty of this system is that,
Whilst the Factory audio system retained,
to provide Factory standard radio quality.
Adding more features,
which can be loaded up on

Touching the audio display.

Replacement of Storage to a Display.
Replaces Storage compartment, and adding 8" Touch Screen, as the actual audio unit / features, steering wheel controls etc will be retained, the new screen will

be fully touch functional, and also will be compatible with the 

Control dial pad that will be retrofitted.

Having said that, if your X1 has existing iDrive system from BMW, this system isn't compatible.

Uses Touch function of new screen
Every menu will be displayed on new screen and 
Fully touch functional.

Whilst the unit will come with iDrive-type controller pad

and It will also work for controling the system.

Fastest & Accurate Route Calculation

Based on its own database


Faster Performance:
Equipped with Dual Processor,
Just for Navigation Process.

Voice guidance along with Route.
From speed warning to where to turn

Dedicated Touch Function
- Comes with the 8" Monitor.


Speed / Red Light Camera Alerts

Throughout Australia.

Factory Warranty retained
- Nothing changes nor removed.

Of course, you can also just touch screen to control / explore features.

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