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Chevrolet Camaro MyLink Integrated GPS Navigation

Due to imported from US - most of Camaro outside of America do not have operating GPS Navigation.

But with Naviplus's Mylink integrated GPS system, It will supports not just Camaro, but most of GM vehicles with MyLink audio. With dedicated country map available.

VF Commodore MyLink Integrated GPS Navigation

Recommended for those VF Evoke / SV6 / SS and Calais model, with MyLink but doesn't come with GPS as a standard.

Compatible with pretty much any VF Commodore / Calais / HSV models, regardless of VF / VF II series.

Holden Colorado MyLink Integrated GPS Navigation

Recommended for pretty much every Colorado / 7 from 2014 to 2017 models.

By the time now you should've realized that BrinGO is way above your expectation, in terms of both Useless and waste of money:

So We recommend proper GPS Navigation, that doesn't need your phone nor guides you to another George St that is 127km away from your destination.

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