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VW Golf Mk7 Badge Flip Camera Retrofit

Shows rear sight whenever you put the car on Reverse.

Along with dynamic guidelines and Optical Parking Sensors if vehicle had that one.

Through the badge flip camera, designed for Mk7 VW Emblem

VW Polo 6C - Audio Integrated Reversing Camera
Consider that the apart from Polo GTi, none of  those other trim

come with Reversing Camera, Probably this, Composition Media Audio integrated Reversing Camera system with Audi's design will suit your Polo?

Volkswagen Transporter - Park Assist overhaul.

The Reversing camera for SUV or Van is definitely an ideal feature, 


not to mention that big van like Transporter will definitely need it, perhaps dynamic guidelines and optical sensor compatibility will make it 'Ideal' to 'Required' ?

Volkswagen Caddy with Barn Door - Reversing camera retrofit along with 6.5" RCD330 Headunit.


Along with Reversing camera retrofit, adding 6.5" Touch screen, bluetooth phone & audio, and also the APPLE CARPLAY.

On VW Caddy, with retaining other functions.

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