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Car Model : VW Golf Mk7

Used System : VW_GMK7_CAM

Used Contents:  OEM Type Badge Flip Reverse Camera, Sony CCD II

Category: VWiD Audio Integrated Camera

Reference,Tag : VW Reversing Camera, Rearview Camera,Golf Mk7    Reverse  Camera, Composition Media Audio Reversing Camera retrofit

Compatible with :  Volkswagen Golf Mk7 from 2014 - Onward

                                    Volkswagen Polo 6C from 2014 - Onward.


Works like Genuine Camera

Not just Rear sight, but also comes 
with dynamic guidelines and 
Optical parking sensors* display,

on same screen.

*Optical sensors require genuine sensors.

** The system of Naviplus Reversing Camera shares 
Audi's sequence hence outcome will similar to Audi's.

Factory Audio Friendly:

Nothing will be changed nor removed

from the vehicle, but only adding

the Reversing Camera.

Whenever car is reversing :
Rear sight will be displayed, just like
Factory fitted Reversing Camera.
Once back to drive mode, radio screen comes back.

Featured with Dynamic guidelines
those follow Steering wheel direction

Instant display switch :
Displays Rear sight as soon as
Reverse gear engaged.

Optical Parking Sensor display
will be displayed along with
Rear sight

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