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For VW Touareg 7P Series


Car Model :  Volkswagen Touareg 7P with RNS850


Integration of CarPlay / Android Auto.

Used parts:  VW7PT_NP

Operation video from previous installation - on 2014 VW Touareg R-Line

Wired CarPlay / Wired Android auto.


Video is quite outdated - It's using the old UI ver of CarPlay & Android Auto



Why & How ?



Both CarPlay & Android Auto grants NAV with latest map, via Google / Apple Map and Waze.

Not to mention that media players like Spotify / iTunes / Audible / and those Digital Radio / podcast apps.


None of VW Touareg with RNS850 headunit, ever came with the CarPlay / Android auto,

nor that the headunit will ever receive such upgrade from VW.


With our integration product,

All of those can be integrated into the existing audio setup







CarPlay & Android Auto will be installed as form of an 'external device' that attaches to the headunit.


It is an aftermarket product hence doesn't work exactly same as the factory fitted one in current VW models.


Having said that, it will only play sound via AUX (external media input) and won't do fade in / out.

Nor sync with voice command function button on the steering wheel.

Although we can utilize the Answer button to execute voice command role instead*


However It still uses the original touch screen and sound system.


*Steering wheel control adapter reeuqired along with our CarPlay / Android Auto Integration kit.

Both CarPlay & Android Auto will work

via original touch screen.


It will use the NAV button to

to proceed to CarPlay / Android Auto


Original NAV will show again if NAV button 

gets pressed one more time.


Apple CarPlay -

Supports the

latest iOS

Android Auto -

Used Samsung S10+

CarPlay / Android auto Module : Contains CarPlay / Android Auto License and dedicated chipset


Video Interface Module : Transfers the image generated from Module box, to audio screen of the car.

Certain products of ours have both modules merged into one.


Cable loom : Literally those cable / connectors needed for installation.

They will connected between those 2 and also audio headunit in the vehicle.


USB Extension Cable: Used for creation of Female USB input (flush mount) on desired location.


External Mic* : Used for Voice command via siri or Google Assistant.

If you are using Wireless CarPlay, certain devices will use this Mic for phone call also.

Also, certian device of our unit will not need external mic at all,

as It will 'wake up' the original Mic for voice command.



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