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 Diagnostic Service / Suggestion & Repair 



Naviplus offers services for Volkswagen with MIB audio equipped.

  • Fault Diagnostic - Engine fault / ABS Fault / Data logic Fault / Radio Amplifier Fault

  • Computerised Scan & Detect - Audio parts Inspection & Coding

  • Retrofit : CANGATE Replace / Camera / parking sensor control module / Blueooth 

  • VCDS and VAG TACHO – PIN/SKC Retrieval on most VAG Vehicles.

  • Amplifier parts replacement / examine.


For those Golf Mk7 / Polo / Passat / Jetta with MIB Audio
(Headunit & screen separated)


We offer diagnostic scanning and repair & replace service, for those MIB headunit with below Parts ID:

5G0 035 020 A


5G0 035 020 C


5G0 035 020 D


All made by Harman Automotive


The MIB headunit by Harman has common issue of sound cutting out or switching off 
whilst the audio / bluetooth / radio are indicating that there's sound being played.


It's somewhat a common issue can be occurred by multiple different causes,

whether it's hardware or software failure.


Although replacing it to a new one is the best and easiest solution, it will come with serious cost.

And generally the MIB unit won't have any other issue apart from the sound


Hence we over inspection on actual hardware component and also coding / software integrity,


providing diagnose result to you with our feedback of repairable / replacement options


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