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Car Model : Mercedes Benz E-Class W212

Used System : MB_W212_FIM

Used parts / Contens : MiraBox (Wireless)

                                           Samsung Galaxy S6 with android 6.1


Category : Benz Smartphone Integration

Reference,Tag : Benz CarPlay, Benz MirrorLink, AirPlay, Androidauto, 
                              Mercedes Benz

Audio screen to Projector,

Use the audio display as a projector
for your smartphone.


Any action or apps launched, will be

displayed on audio screen.
Both vertical, landscape wise.


Factory Audio Retains same:

Nothing will be changed nor removed

from the vehicle, but only adding the
Smartphone Mirroring Function.


Uses Existing Return Arrow Button :
Enter and display Mirroring Mode on screen,

by press and hold of Return Arrow button

on Steering wheel controls / Audio control Dial.


HDMI Digtal Wired Link Connection
Hotspot Wireless Connection available


Unrestricted App usage.

Any app / action you make via phone

will be displayed on Audio Screen.

Sound plays through Speakers,

via AUX or Bluetooth Audio Stream.

Factory Warranty retained
- Nothing changes nor removed.

Compatible with both

iOS and android Devices
*Connection method differs.

Imagine what you can display
on your audio display, with

your phone & Internet.

Ideal for Google / Apple Map Navigation. As those will grant latest Map and realtime traffic with almost no cotst.

As Our system is designed to mirror entire phone, you will be able to explore whole lot more apps than Apple CarPlay / Android Auto grants

With unrestricted app usage mechanism, and mobile data, imagine what you can achieve.

This system is compatible with W204 C-Class vehicles, as technically they share
Same audio system.

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