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Naviplus offers services for Porsche with PCM 2, PCM3 System.

  • Fault Diagnostic - Engine fault / Data logic Fault / Radio & Amplifier Fault

  • Service Reminder Reset : Flexible / Fixed Service Internal adjustment & Reset

  • Computerised Scan & Detect - Audio parts Inspection & Coding

  • Retrofit : Cruise Control / Navigation System , Park assist system, Dash Video Recorder (Dash Cam), Bluetooth and more.

  • Bluetooth / Radio failure / Amplifier failure inspect & repair.

  • Audio parts replacement / examine.

In addition to any regular scheduled maintenance your car may require we have extensive experience in repairing faults with Porsche.

In our fully equipped workshop we are able to quickly identify and resolve any problems you may have with your vehicle by drawing on our previous experience and using genuine Porsche diagnostic tools and computers.

We are familiar with the common faults across the Porsche and Bentley range and able to use this knowledge to provide you with an efficient and effective service to get your car back on the road with a minimum of fuss and uncertainty.


We offer Porsche PCM 2/ PCM 2.1 / PCM 3.1 Audio system diagnosytic service, problem scanning via ODIS / VXDIAG Scanning tools.


Also, common issues like BOSE / Burmester Premium Amplifier problem - for Cayenne 1st and 2nd Generation Radio problem,  iDrive failure, Control dead - we provide inspection and suggest either repair or alternative solutions.


Retrofit of OEM Bluetooth system, , Navigation , Reverse Camera and Front Camera are available to be provided & installed, with range of OEM and an Aftermarket.


Porsche Panamera

Amplifier Retrofit

Porsche Cayenne Amplifier Repair / Enhance

Porsche Cayenne PCM 2.1

Camera Retrofit

Above vehicles/ Audios mentioned are list of we provide service regarding PCM 2 / PCM 3 Audio System general diagnostic service / Repair / inspection / and retrofitt of certain accessories.

And Repair / inpsection for BOSE / Burmester  Sound system amplifier.



If your vehicle isn't listed yet experiencing related problem / looking for an upgrade of certain feature e.g audio / camera - please do send us an email with details.


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