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Car Model : Audi Q7 First Gen (2006-15)

Used parts / Contents : OEM Audi Q7 Basic Amplifier
                                             OEM 4L0 919 611B 3G MMi Controller                                                     Circuit Board

                                              Diagnose & Coding with VAG ODIS.

Category : Audio / Electrical Repair.

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  Bose Repair,  MMi Controller, MMi controller repair, MMi controller problem.

Water leak was, and still is a well known problem with Audi:

Those Audi A6, A8 and Q7 with amplifier and sunroof as a standard, are prone to water leak through ceiling.

Mostly common with early models from 2004 to 2010 ish,
but doesn't mean new models are completely safe from such leak.


We've done diagnostic & replacement of 3G MMi Circuit board,

and Amplifier from MY12 Audi Q7.

Which experienced severe water leak on both audio controller,

and Amplifer in trunk area.



Amplifier with Water leak:

From the Left, as you can see, it suffered from

severe water leak that left huge waterstein over it, and went through those vent holes to cause

further issues.


The amplifier for Q7 usually sits on trunk area,

right / left side, framed with brackets towards

wall frame fo the trunk.


Which is connected to the rear right ceiling body,

and allowing water to flow down through it,

once there's a leak.



The amplifier suffered with serious water leak.

You could tell that those water stains, not just on

edge of amplifier housing,

but also the down below brackets.

This is the actual amplifier circuit board, inside of the housing box.

You could see that water also got leaked into the

circuit board, causing burnt transmitter and several bursted capicitors.


It's not marked, but as you can see from the left bottom of the photo, that

even copper coils composit got damaged as well.

Which caused the amplifier to shut down itself, resulted

shut down of the entire sound function.


This was rectified by replacing the whole amplifier to an

OEM 3G MMi Basic Amplifier part from Audi.

Another problem this car had was, that it's front area,

3G MMi Audio controller was also damaged, due to the water leak.

Yet this was happened due to sunroof was completely opened and water went through it.


You can easily tell that the PCB board has badly burnt due to

water caused eletrical discharge.

Which caused declining control input, and also shut down
of the whole MMi system, resulting not proceeding after
loading screen.


This was rectified by replacing the control circuit board to an

OEM 3G MMi Controller, part number

4L0 919 611B.

OEM parts for Audi are really expensive

and something that you can't get your hands on.

First thing you will need to do is constant checking and diagnose 

of the condition of your car.


And second will be find someone who can do the job most

effectively, with Genuine / OEM Parts.

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