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Passive Keyless Entry & Push Start Button integration

OEM style & grade of Push Start button Integration



The Push Start button integration involves with adding Keyblade to the key barrel,

then wiring it with the Start button which will cover the key hole.


Which will allow the key to be in the car all the time, without any risk of the car starting itself.

As the control box we install, will restrict the action if there's no drivers intention.


It works with both Automatic / Manual vehicles, and works exactly same as 

any other cars those came with as factory fited option.


Simply press it once to go on Accsessory mode, and then brake + press again to start the car.


Along with Start button, It comes with Passive Keyless Entry and synced remote for manual unlock / lock & remote engine Start*


Which will lock / unlock the all doors of the car depends on distance.


Also, It manually can lock / unlock the doors** of the trunk like any other standard remotes.




*Manual vehicles will not be compatible

** Will need actuator / motor for all those doors and trunks for proper performance.

Although the immobilise feature of our system isn't in form of disconnecting engine 

/ fuel pump or other essential parts of car start,

It will prevent hot wiring of the vehicle even if entry has been achieved.


Without remote being present within certain radius of the vehicle, (thus didn't unlock door through remote), the car will not start untill it has been correctly

unlocked through remote / PKE.

And in case you forgot to bring your remote with you, do not worry.

As part of the package, It comes with Password keypad, that will sense the

touching the windscreen, and upon insert of all password correctly,


Each password will unlock the car just for once, and you will need to rearm it.

And for battery life of the remote - You won't need to take it to dealership

or locksmith to replace and charge.


Simply connect it to PC or power plug via USB adapter to charge the whole remote.

Which will secure additional expense coming from change / replace of remotes battery.

Naviplus's Passive Entry & Push Button Start Installation service is

available by Naviplus Team, for local customers in Victoria, Australia.

And we currently do not sell the kit by itself.
Due to we do not have any sort of support material for installers other than us.


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