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Universal Compatibility : Any automotive vehicle.

  • 1080p FULL HD Recording (FHD 30fps)

  • Built-in WiFi & GPS

  • Voice Guidance & Road Safety Warning

  • Super Night vision with wide dynamic

  • Dual Video Save - Internal Backup

  • Realtime view via SmartPhone

Product Model - BKB01


The THINKWARE Dash Cam F770 has a 140˚ wide viewing angle for visibility.
Grants capturing a wider view of the roads efficiently.

Vivid Driving Information Based on the Built-in GPS
With the built-in GPS, the THINKWARE Dash Cam F770 can record the vehicle's driving speed and precisely pinpoints its location and routes on the map.

* F770 comes with built-in GPS

Thermal Self-Protection Prevents Overheating.
With the built-in thermal sensor, the F750 protects itself and the data recorded against intense heat by automatically turning off in extreme conditions to prevent overheating.

Convenient Video Access

With the THINKWARE PC Viewer, you can access the recorded videos with time, speed, and location data on your Windows PC. You may also use the application to configure the device, as well as access firmware upgrades.

Built-in WiFi for Easy Control

Real-time View

Now WiFi-enabled, you can easily control, manage and configure the settings of your dash cam with a smart phone.

Through the THINKWARE Dashcam Mobile app,
F750 provides a truly convenient way for you to view
real-time recordings, download, access or delete recorded videos all on your mobile phone.

Continuous Recording

This mode is activated automatically when you start the engine. Recorded videos are saved in one-minute segments with an auto-looping mechanism.

Incident Recording

The built-in 3G-Sensor detects impact to your car, automatically recording the 10 seconds prior to and after the impact, ensuring that you have the evidence that you need.



Motion Detection Recording

If an object passes in front of the vehicle, Dash Cam automatically starts detection and records motion. Without additional changes to setting, it can automatically detect and record a person approaching the parked car, whether to vandalize or steal from the car.

Manual Recording

Similar to a video camera, you can use the Manual Recording Mode to capture events that occurs in front of you. Use this feature to capture special moments, such as a falling meteor or a herd of bison crossing the road.

Automatic Switch between
Parking mode and
Continuous Mode
After the car engine stops, it will assess the voltage condition in the car and automatically switch to parking recording mode. In parking mode, motion detection recording is activated and incident recording is maintained. When you start the engine in parking mode, it will automatically switch to continuous recording mode without turning on the device.
Automatic Exposure Dimming
A sudden rise of light exposure caused by strong sunlight or headlight beams of oncoming vehicle may cause difficulties to assess the situation.
Also, lack of lighting in a dark tunnel or night driving may pose the same problem. The automatic light exposure function controls the level of light exposure to maintain vivid and clear video recordings in all circumstances.
Super Night Vision & Correction

Images from the videos recorded during nighttime driving on dark streets are generally difficult to make out.


The enhancement Sensors of Thinkware F770  come with a standard function of brightness and color control as well as noise cancellation.


Recording Duration





FHD 30fps

124 min

248 min

496 min

* THINKWARE F770 supports a MicroSD memory card up to 64GB.

* The lifespan of microSD memory cards may vary based on user conditions. It carries a six-month warranty.

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