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Thinkware, iROAD, Cowon, BlackVue, iNavi, DVR, Accident record

There are quite lots of people saying

"I don't really need a Dash Cam."


But there is only few people saying

"I don't need this Dash Cam Anymore'


Dash Camera is commonly recgonized for to protect yourself from other motorists.

But also, It's significant gadget that assist you even in post- accident or daily basis.


Authorized to retail & Install:

Us, Naviplus are an authorized retailer / Installer of
Thinkware, iROAD, Cowon, Blackvue and any other Dash Cams.
With 6+ Years of Experience with Dash Cams, 
providing solid installation service to our Dash Cam or brought ins.

Installation Service of the Dash Cam

When you either purchase a Dash Cam from us or bring your

own,  we will provide the Installation once appointment 

has set.


It may differ for your brought-in products, yet Dash Cam

supplied by us will come with suitable components for

all those wires to be hidden inside of the dash.

And we will provide the Installation without any damage or

modification on your vehicle.

Dash Cam's Key is 24 Hour Recording, which will require
Constant power while not draining the battery.


Almost every single Dash Cam those Naviplus offers

will come with this 'Hard Wiring Kit', allowing the Dash Cam

to be connected to the 'Constant Power' of ther car.

Allowing Dash Cam to go 24/7 Recording if it supports, whenever driving / parked.


The whole Installation will be done without any cutting or remove / migration of power source nor fuses.  

All of Dash Cams we offer are genuine product from the manufacturer,

and locally sold within Australia.

Our Installers are professional and experienced with Dash Cameras and 

any Auto electrical matters and products.


Your camera will be neatly installed with no dangling cables nor damages

on the cars dash.

It will be installed as discreet as possible whilst granting the best angle view.
Not to mention we wil go through with all those features and advices

for you to maintain the Dash Cam best condition and grant you the

safety & peace in mind.

The general feature / Attributes of

Naviplus's Dash Cam products:
*May not applied to every products.

Continuous Recording
Saved as 1 min segments with auto looping mechanism.

Viewable Recorded Videos

With dedicated Apps or viewer via

Smartphone / PC : 

You will be able to see all those

recorded video footages.

Incident Recording

With built-in 3G Sensors, It will detect any impact and starts recording to
ensuring that you have footage of impact.

Automatic Switch between

Parking / Continuous Mode:

After the engine stops, It will assess the voltage condition of the car and automatically switch to the park surveilence mode.

Motion Detection Recording

If an object passes in front of the vehicle, Dash Cam will start detection

and record the motion of it.

Battery Safe:

Does not drain battery, but limits its action with constant detect of the voltage level of Car Battery.

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