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Car Model : BMW F10 5 Series 2011 -

Used parts / Contents : LITS Chrome Dash Moulding x 2.

Category : BMW Cosmetic Upgrade

Reference,Tag : BMW F10, 5 Seires, 520D, 528i 2011, 2012, 2013,2014,2015

                             Chrome Interior, Dash, Upgrade, Tuning, Accessories DIY

Add the fine cut Chrome moulding to the

dash of your F10 5 Series.

Those BMW F10 5 Series from 2011 to current models,

Do have similar with simple dash design, inherited since 2004 E60 models,

The black dash probably justifies that Black color represents luxury / prestige.

But at the same time, there are plenty of BMW drivers out there,
who wants change, at least just for their vehicle.

If that's what you are also after - we introduce the chrome moulding to fit 

center audio console, with simple clip to fiting DIY grade.



For BMW F10 5 series designed just for its dash

and audio console.
Designed to be fitted without any modification.


The Chrome mouldings come in 2 pieces,

1 for surrounding CD Deck, and the other for 

climate control units.


Which will be installed between the 

gap of the audio unit and the trim.

It will give Genuine appearance. 

Just like all new 7 Series, G11 models, It will give you
not too bright but fine design chromy finish ,

right to the audio dash.

The before and after.

The actual dash trims and audio units do have small gaps, those are wide enough

for the moudling's clips to be inserted and stay there.


Without any possibility of scratch nor damage involved.

It's simple but dedicated accessoriy with OEM Quality.


Just for 5 Series.

Completely DIY.

You don't need to be a Ph.D in Engineering

nor Vehicle Specialist to install this kit.
All you needs are hands and time.

Those Chrome moulding trims come in 2 pieces.

And currently being offered to a customers with

special individual order.

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