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Car Model : BMW E60 5 Series

Used parts / Contens : N2 HDMI SmartLink_HD95CAST

                                           Samsung Galaxy S6 with android 7.0


Category : BMW Smartphone Integration

Reference,Tag : BMW CarPlay, BMW MirrorLink, AirPlay, Androidauto, BMW

CCC idrive, bluetooth audio _ Google Map Apple Map GPS Navigation sat nav

Although iDrive display has 8.8" size, due to CCC has outdated image quality the resolution is below HD standard,
our system utilizes the best of out it and displays image with either standard RGB grade, or HDMI converted quality. 

 We've used HDMI orientated video interface that allows to receive HDMI / Digital video signal, and then display on CCC iDrive screen to bring out best quality that monitor can display.

Hence granting significatnly clearer image quality in general than standard mirroring - without HDMI feature.

And along with additional accessory devices, it will grant extra options like:


  • Smartphone Mirroring

  •  Navigation with touch screen implement

  • Front / Rear Camera

  •  Android OS integration of ours

all to be displayed on BMW's CCC iDrive Display.

HDMI Digtal Connection.

Wireless / Wired 

Unrestricted App usage.

Any app / action you make via phone

will be displayed on Audio Screen.

Sound plays through Speakers,

via AUX or Bluetooth Audio Stream.

Factory Warranty retained
- Nothing changes nor removed.

Compatible with both

iOS and android Devices
*Connection method differs.

Imagine what you can display
on your audio display, with

your phone & Internet.

Smartphone Wirelesss Mirroring

A HD Smartphone Mirroring, on BMW's CCC iDrive Professional 8.8" - with complete Wireless connectivity.

With utilize of Wireless WiFi receiver Mirroring module, without any lag nor delay to display any contents from smartphone.

Compared to standard RCA / AV connection Mirroring,  HDMI image transfer will still provide better performance and quality overall, even if the CCC iDrive is low resolutioned monitor.


 And with usage of apps in phone, it will certainly grant more features while driving.

GPS Navigation Application

Perhaps a main and the solid reason why people are after a Smartphone Mirroring to be in their vehicle.


A GPS app like Google Map, Apple Map, HERE Map that comes with phone as a standard, or TomTom / Garmin / Sygic / iGO and Waze etc - will be displayed on audio screen of the screen with full their features: Live traffic , alerts, speed warning, camera warning to make sure your daily journey to be secured and effective.

HD image quality to display your navigated route, whilst all those sounds and voice guidance will be played through car speakers, that what

Naviplus's HD Smartphone Mirroring offers.


Media Streaming - Music

The 2nd reason why Smartphone Mirroring is popular - as It play sounds through car speaker, with no bluetooth audio streaming required.


 With Naviplus's HD Smartphone Mirroring, which offers mirrored apps to be displayed and played through car's audio system:

It will display any music app you have in your phone - like PowerAmp, Spotify, MuseHD, YoutubeRED etc, to be played through car speakers.


 Doesn't matter whether your car has Bluetooth Audio streaming or not - It will play through internal AUX or AMI connection in your vehicle.

And even if neither is available, It can be done with additional accessories like FM Transmitter or Bluetooth audio streamer gadget.


Media Streaming - Video

Watching video through the car audio screen was somewhat been there since early 2000 - through DVD disc insert.

Whether It's in your phone or through Youtube or other video stream apps, you can watch those video in full screen of CCC iDrive 8.8" with best quality and resolution that screen is keepable of.

 It will certainly help you kill the time while waiting for your mate to come out.

Uses Existing MENU Button :
Enter and display Mirroring Mode on screen,

by press and hold of the MENU button below iDrive Controller.

Displayed vehicle is an Australian domestic BMW E60 525i , with CCC Professional iDrive display.


The vehicle did not have AUX nor Bluetooth audio stream function to play sound from mobile phone,
Hence we've used genuine BMW System tool to activate and code the AUX within iDrive.


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