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Car Model : Audi A6 C7

Used System : ADA6_3GM_FIM

Category : Audi Smartphone Integration

Used parts / Contens : N2 HD95 / Mirrbox (Wired / Wireless)

                                           iPhone iOS10.1

                                           Samsung Galaxy S6 with android 6.1

                                           Genuine Lightning Apple AV Adapter

Reference,Tag : Audi CarPlay, Audi MirrorLink, AirPlay, Androidauto, Audi 3G

HD Smartphone Mirroring Solution for AUDI A6

★ Receives direct signal via HDMI Connection and display it on Factory screen with HQ.


★ Wireless Mirroring system that will provide solid video / sound transfer.


★ Uses existing Control buttons to access the Smartphone Mirroring mode.


★ Comaptible with vehicle's Factory fitted Camera system, and display those

when car is on reverse / parking procedure.


With Audi's High resolution screen on A6 C7 Series, it makes the car more ideal for our Smartphone Mirroring system to be retrofitted and provide HD quality and performance.


As Naviplus's Smartphone Mirroring System is designed and compatible with HDMI devices, It will provide HDMI Signal from the phone to the audio screen directly, without any loss of quality nor performance.


And of course, no such change nor removal of feature / function will happen during & after the installation of our Smartphone Mirroring system.


It is complete retrofit system that will get fitted into the A6's audio system, without any cutting / modification no coding involve.



HD Smartphone Mirroring - Waze GPS App ( Navigation)

 The Waze GPS Apps has been one of most popular GPS apps around the world - of course It won't beat Google Map at some aspects,

but still well made GPS app that provides lots of features for free & standard, and also provides Offline mapping feature for data-free Navigation.


With all those features and data to provide Live traffic, versatile alert / search points around you - to be displayed on HD screen of A6, will be significantly better than having the phone on cradle.


If you have to use GPS app from the phone, at least use it like Factory Navigation, on Factory audio screen.


Thesedays there are lots of well-made GPS apps like HERE / TomTom / Sygic / iGO etc are available on Apps market for Free usage - certainly worth checking them out while you seeking other apps to be used with Smartphone Mirroring.

HD Smartphone Mirroring - Media (Music / Video / Others)

 The perk of having your phone being mirrored on audio screen is that, you can utilize those apps / media files stored in the phone.

Whether that is a music file / video / PDF / or any other - A6's HD Audio screen will become a projector for your media files.


Whilst your phone's media files being displayed on audio screen of the car, with HD quality , the sound will be played through car speakers.  With either internal AUX connectivity (for iPhone Mirroring), or it uses Bluetooth Audio streaming feature - if the car has one - for Android devices mirroring.


Ideal if your car does not have a Bluetooth audio stream feature or wanted to watch videos / Youtube or use your own Music app like Spotify / YoutubeRED or even NetFlix / AppleTV.

Uses iNAV Button :
Enter the Mirroring Mode from radio screen,

by press and hold the iNAV button

on Steering wheel controls.


And the rest of control buttons will work same as usual,

allowing it to switch between radio function and Mirroring function.

HDMI Digtal Wired Link Connection
Hotspot Wireless Connection available


Unrestricted App usage.

Any app / action you make via phone

will be displayed on Audio Screen.

Sound plays through Speakers,

via AUX or Bluetooth Audio Stream.

Factory Warranty retained
- Nothing changes nor removed.

Compatible with both

iOS and android Devices
*Connection method differs.

Imagine what you can display
on your audio display, with

your phone & Internet.

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