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 A Dealer Standard 

 Diagnostic Service / Suggestion & Repair 



We offer diagnostic inspection / suggestion and replace & repair for Audi's audio, covering:

  •  RNS-E Navigation Audio

  •  2G MMi High 

  •  3G Symphony / Concert

  •  3G MMi High

  •  MIB / MHI2 4th Gen Audio


 Meaning that pretty much every Audi that was ever sold within Australia, with one of headunits from above can be checked with our services.


 We offer diagnostic scanning first, to seek the problem / issues the car having and from there, we provide result & suitable option, or if we need to inspect the car more, then we proceed with physical inspection for parts inside the audio unit.


Simply contact us via details on bottom of this page to discuss about the issues / troubles you having with your Audi vehicle.




Common / frequent issues with Audi A3 8V model



There's an issue with Audi A3's MIB audio headunit, made by Harman Kardon.

which basically causes:


  • Sound cutting out on warm / hot weather.

  • Sound switching off intermittently

  • Bluetooth voice / Audi voice recognition  cuts out

  • OR no sound coming out from the audio at all, throughout every sources.


Above problems are known to have been occured from below parts of Audi:


  • 8V0 035 020, / B or C in the end       - Harman Automotive MIB

  • 8V0 035 021 or A in the end              - Harman Automotive MIB

  • 8V0 035 043, / A or B in the end.      - Harman Becker MIB

Some parts will not have any of problem after 10,15 years from production, 
or some parts may have problem 1 week after purchase.


It's a common issue but at the same time won't apply to every A3 models.


If your car has none of headunit parts above yet having a same issue, 

please do contact us via below.


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