Apple CarPlay & Android Auto upgrade - for Hyundai Veloster

This product of ours is currently on a promotion - with free Wireless CarPlay / Android Auto upgrade for every purchase, till end of June:

EOFY sales are around the corner for Australia and If you are interested with getting a Hyundai Veloster, used one of course - then probably this Integration product of ours would interest you.

Whilst the Hyundai Veloster has quite a pack of appealing features - about right size for a hatch with decent powered 1.6 Turbo engine, sporty look, Sat Nav audio and a reverse camera, It's still missing a latest tech - as the car was produced from 2011 to late 2014 for 1st gen model.

The latest trend in aftermarket scene is obviously a CarPlay & Android Auto Integration, along with Dash cams and Digital radio etc, us Naviplus has been offering first 2 for Veloster owners / first car buyers.

How does It work?

What we do is considered as an 'Integration' into the original infotainment audio system of Hyundai.