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Apple CarPlay & Android Auto upgrade - for Hyundai Veloster

This product of ours is currently on a promotion - with free Wireless CarPlay / Android Auto upgrade for every purchase, till end of June:


EOFY sales are around the corner for Australia and If you are interested with getting a Hyundai Veloster, used one of course - then probably this Integration product of ours would interest you.

Whilst the Hyundai Veloster has quite a pack of appealing features - about right size for a hatch with decent powered 1.6 Turbo engine, sporty look, Sat Nav audio and a reverse camera, It's still missing a latest tech - as the car was produced from 2011 to late 2014 for 1st gen model.

The latest trend in aftermarket scene is obviously a CarPlay & Android Auto Integration, along with Dash cams and Digital radio etc, us Naviplus has been offering first 2 for Veloster owners / first car buyers.


How does It work?

What we do is considered as an 'Integration' into the original infotainment audio system of Hyundai.

Meaning that nothing gets changed in terms of the original audio display and rest of Its functions.

So It's completely opposite to the audio replacement, using double din units like Pioneer / Kenwood etc, which means you wouldn't get those fancy functions those units offer, however you get to keep the 'original' look and functions in the car.

Generally for an Integration, It does require an hardware devices to be installed, connected to the headunit in the car. Think of It as adding a hardware component to a PC.

The photo above shows the general accessories those need to be fitted, in order to integrate CarPlay / Android Auto in an original infotainment audio. Obviously those are just a reference images and sometimes It requires more or less, and the installation doesn't necessarily mean It's entirely plug and play with simple connect back and assemble - still won't require cutting nor soldering though.

With the Hyundai Veloster, once those units are installed, It uses the original button to switch the display mode:

Which would be the SETUP button below the screen - often some vehicles do not have the setup button and have different button instead, which in that case we check the compatibility with the other buttons and advise the customer beforehand.

The existing function for that button, which is a setting window - will still work when you press It.

The idea is that, a switching display mode will only occur when you press and 'HOLD' It, which will trigger our product to send info request to assign a new role to that button, resulting the switching function to be triggered.


Features of our product - Is there any difference to other products in the market?

Frankly speaking, We haven't used every single products in the world hence can't precisely explain nor comment on those. But there are certainly few differences We can point out - there aren't that many solutions for Hyundai in the first place anyway.

Obviously wireless CarPlay and Anidroid Auto are somewhat becoming a standard feature these days - but still a lots of aftermarket products don't offer wireless Android Auto - majority of products are built in China and they often do have some issues with testing Google - because as you may know, Google is blocked in China.

Whereas our products, most of them are made in South Korea, the home of Samsung and a next level Android, thus every single functions will be tested and applied accordingly with the tester / customers feedbacks.

Also It supports those steering wheel controls:

Not the every buttons of courese- but those essential ones, like Vol change / track and call buttons.

Currently - as of May 2021 - the voice command button is the only button that isn't being fully tested. As the VoiceCOM buttons usually trigger the original voice command function at the same time, resulting the siri and Google Assistant to not act properly as It will most likely hear the Hyundai audio's speech as well.

The day / night mode is something that is available in CarPlay but no longer supported as 'default' for Android Auto.

Both used to allow the phone and cars headlight to manually activate nightmode - when headlight is lit then It automatically goes to darker screen.

But for some reason the Andorid Auto no longer does that with the recent change, It still does with those Andorid auto fitted from the factory though, resulting almost every aftermarket integration parts We've used in the past, will not trigger the nightmode in Android Auto, whether the headlight is on - I believe It will give you a nightmode at night though, when the phone reckons It is 'night'.

With our product, once upon installed in Hyundai Veloster, whenever you turn the headlights on (not the DRL as It's not considered as 'light' for our product) It will switch to nightmode straight away.

Like the video demonstrated below, reference from Nissan QashQai :

It will certainly help you hips when you are driving under a tunnel or simply at night, less distraction.

If you check the link below -

Which will take you to the exact product on our online store, and you can check the rest of functions from there.

Or simply you can ask us any questions via calling us or email.

Hope you stafy safe and healthy.


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