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Maserati GranTurismo - Apple CarPlay retrofit review

We've recently had a visit of this Maserati GranTurismo, 2015 model, came in for an Apple CarPlay and Reversing camera retrofitted to the Factory audio infotainment system.

Unlike most of other Maserati vehicles such as QP, Ghibli, GC and Levante, this vehicle did not have that UConnect infotainment system from Mopar

Instead it had previous gen' model fitted -

Unlike the UConnect variant infotainment system, this 2nd gen BOSE audio has non-touch 7" screen with low resolution display underneath.

Hence in this case the CarPlay's quality won't be good as installed on HD screen, but certainly not meaning it's unusable -

And the customer, John was pleased with the result, fact that we didn't change anything from his vehicle, but added a CarPlay, and much needed Reversing camera to prevent any damage from the parking.

And in fact we've made a video after the installation was finished:

As we explained, not just this type of audio, but those late models one and other Maserati vehicles are compatible. And not just Apple CarPlay, but an Android Auto also come as a package.

As the whole system upgrade, uses a base platform of an Android 5.1 OS, that has an Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as a built-in App (programmed & installed by us)

It will provide both software, on exact same screen that Maserati granted to the vehicle.

It's available for both local customers in Melbourne, Interstate customers throughout Australia and also international customers who wish to upgrade their Maserati to meet current trend.

Thank you for reading.

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