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Sat Nav and Rear Camera on Nissan Skyline GT-R R35, by Naviplus Team.

We've recently had a 2010 Nissan GT-R R35 model came into our workshop , as shown above, Navigation and Camera system was installed on existing Audio screen.

In fact, It was installed it just yesterday before this blog post - 4th of May 2016. #Maythe4thbewithyou

And won't lie, this is very first GT-R we've worked on, and apparently this car had a sign of some AV accessories installed in the car - which made the job even harder.

But we've managed to pull it out, and wanted to share with you - regardless of you own one or not :)

The car came with 7" touch audio screen, with exactly same feature as the current vehicles from Nissan - and the performance check like tachometer, traction controls etc.

As us, Naviplus always aim to provide the feature within Factory features - the system we've installed didn't affect nor removed anything from the car.

instead, utilizing the touch screen that audio already has and displays Nav info and Rearview from the camera.

For GT-R and Its audio system, unlike our Factory audio Integrated Navigation System for Nissan R52 Pathfinder nor Y62 Patrol - the system doesn't come with luxury of using existing audio buttons to imbue the action for switching screen between Nav and Audio.

And usually in this kind of event we've been installing an external switch, that doesn't require making hole on dash.

Yet in this case, the previous owner installed 2 switches in the car those were no longer in use - hence we connected those to our system, to turn Nav on and off.

And for the camera, just like genuine camera, you don't need to also switch the screen to see rear view, but can just switch gear on reverse and rear sight will display without a sec of delay.

The one downside was that due to the design of the car, there wasn't 'ideal' spot for camera to be installed, and we reckoned that very spot from the photo - previous owner seemed installed Rear camera there and took it out when car was sold.

Hence instead of drawing another hole to this Nissan's Porsche killer, we've utilized that spot.

But still, as you could see the rear sight's upper view was blocked due to the reg.plate garnish.

Overall, the factory audio screen has better resolution and quality than we expected for a 2010 tech vehicle, and if customers are happy, we don't have complain at all.

To be honest, we aren't really sure whether we will be doing similar system on another GT-R.

Yet, we are sure that us, Naviplus team can assist you with your needs of such as, GPS Navigation system or Rear Camera, DVD Player, Rear Entertainment or even a Dash Cam or Bluetooth - regardless of whether the car is GT-R or not.

Us Naviplus will always aim to be best at supporting you and your vehicle.

Thank you for reading.

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