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BMW iDrive CIC-High Retrofitted Touch GPS Navigation System - from Naviplus - #2

Continued from Part .1

Naviplus's iDrive Integrated GPS Navigation system is a textbook form of how aftermarket system should be installed, while keeping a solid Factory Audio system like iDrive.

As audio replacement isn't involved at all, the system involves with using existing feature from the car to display GPS system.

At the moment, Our iDrive Integrated Touch GPS Navigation system gets displayed on iDrive display via prolonged press of 'Menu' button, located above iDrive controller dial.

You may think It might override actual function of the 'Menu'will be interrupted, but It's actually not - as iDrive system doesn't have any hidden function for prolonged press of Menu button, and our video module will add an own simple code into it.

Some may thiink after all whether It's still worth it - as BMW are now putting Navigation as a standard feature for almost every ranges.

Which is true, yet - the fact that you can directly touch the screen (the distance between monitor and seat aren't far as you think :P )to control the GPS, and GPS maintenance is cheaper to upgrade and add additional accessories - It surely do have a merit.

Not to mention our GPS system can also provide input for a reverse camera - that most of BMWs are missing.

As Naviplus always aim for best Integrated system, our first criteria will be that:

Is this system provides existing related feature from the car, to be diplayed along with our own GPS / Camera systems?

As you can see it from above, the system displays Car's image along with sensor logos, in fact the car image with visible sensors are from the iDrive's feature, yet we enhanced it with another visual sensor image (those squares with green / yellow), along with dynamic guidelines to be displayed on backup view.

Even though we've uploaded the images off from F20 and F30 series, our system is compatible with our models like:

F22 2 Series, F32 3 Series, F10 5 Series, F01 7 Series, F25 X3 and F48 X1 as well.

Also, Our system also covers up most of BMW vehicles with iDrive, safe to say if your BMW has color screen / iDrive (whether it's CCC or CIC), we are confident that we can fit our Navigation system to your vehicle.

Thank you for reading.


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