Navigation , Keyless Start, DVD Player. You name it for Volkswagen Polo. We can deliver.


Hi All.

As much as its brother Golf, the Volkswagen Polo has been remarked itself as affordable - compact - European (yet-not-Prestige-equipped) hatchback with great fuel economy and maintenance costs. Although ever since it came with 1.2 / 1.4 Turbo / Supercharged engines, fuel economy somehow when top ledge due to 'Premium 98' is the only way to keep the car 'pristine' and away from mechanic's garage door. (It's really good to fuel 98 only if you can, however if you drive a lot everyday - e10 isn't bad either due to it has 101 octane rate)

In terms of the performance and general features, it's an one bloody beautiful car. small but fast enough to beat any other competitiors in 0-100km, supports general start up features like AUX / SD Card file reader / Bluetooth paring etc. But It's somewhat shocking that Polo doesn't have features those considered as somewhat at least Factory available in other brands. Satellite Navigation System, Rear view Camera, Rear sensors, leather seats, seat warmer / Climate change seats etc..

Some of those features aren't even standard on Polo GTi, which was quite shocking.

Well It is available, but some of you will know well that manufacturer don't sell 'genuine parts' to dealerships in the world. If you are a dealership, you either order a car that has that option, or you source it out yourself. And it seems lots of dealerships decided to go on their own way, can't blame them - because Polo is for those young adults looking for reasonable priced equipped car (although I wil personally choose Hyundai Accent or i30 even it cost bit more), not many people will buy full optioned Polo GTi or luxury pack. (Hence GTi's depreciation isn't high due to not many sales available :( )

And with all those reasons and we don't offer much support-but-we-will-squeeze-your-blood-out

policy from dealerships, our man who believes in Stereo & Bass, Andrew came to us.

Some of you who found us through Facebook, might seen one of our posts saying that we're ready for the Volkswagen Polo Factory Integrated Navigation system. Andrew was the first customer who asked for information, availability and the price. He wanted to know what options available for his pre ordered Polo, and at that time we only had Navigation system & DVD Player integration.