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Navigation , Keyless Start, DVD Player. You name it for Volkswagen Polo. We can deliver.

Hi All.

As much as its brother Golf, the Volkswagen Polo has been remarked itself as affordable - compact - European (yet-not-Prestige-equipped) hatchback with great fuel economy and maintenance costs. Although ever since it came with 1.2 / 1.4 Turbo / Supercharged engines, fuel economy somehow when top ledge due to 'Premium 98' is the only way to keep the car 'pristine' and away from mechanic's garage door. (It's really good to fuel 98 only if you can, however if you drive a lot everyday - e10 isn't bad either due to it has 101 octane rate)

In terms of the performance and general features, it's an one bloody beautiful car. small but fast enough to beat any other competitiors in 0-100km, supports general start up features like AUX / SD Card file reader / Bluetooth paring etc. But It's somewhat shocking that Polo doesn't have features those considered as somewhat at least Factory available in other brands. Satellite Navigation System, Rear view Camera, Rear sensors, leather seats, seat warmer / Climate change seats etc..

Some of those features aren't even standard on Polo GTi, which was quite shocking.

Well It is available, but some of you will know well that manufacturer don't sell 'genuine parts' to dealerships in the world. If you are a dealership, you either order a car that has that option, or you source it out yourself. And it seems lots of dealerships decided to go on their own way, can't blame them - because Polo is for those young adults looking for reasonable priced equipped car (although I wil personally choose Hyundai Accent or i30 even it cost bit more), not many people will buy full optioned Polo GTi or luxury pack. (Hence GTi's depreciation isn't high due to not many sales available :( )

And with all those reasons and we don't offer much support-but-we-will-squeeze-your-blood-out

policy from dealerships, our man who believes in Stereo & Bass, Andrew came to us.

Some of you who found us through Facebook, might seen one of our posts saying that we're ready for the Volkswagen Polo Factory Integrated Navigation system. Andrew was the first customer who asked for information, availability and the price. He wanted to know what options available for his pre ordered Polo, and at that time we only had Navigation system & DVD Player integration.

And he became our 1st retail customer of Factory Integrated Navigation system on his Polo. - It was I believe early March 2015. As you can see, just like any other Polo in Australia, It doesn't have 'NAV' button on audio, and we aren't genuine enough to implement that button on the audio.

Instead, our system works with 'MUTE BUTTON' on steering wheel, if your Polo doesn't have steering wheel buttons, then prolonged press of 'CAR' button will change the display from Factory radio to Navigation.

After installation, there were few emails between us and Andrew regarding Navigation mapping guide etc, then we were out of context. (Which is a real good sign in aftermarket business) And recently, our partner manufacturer in Korea wanted us to try their Keyless Entry & Push to start System, which is universal hence fits on any car.

The first car we tried on was Hyundai iLoad, our ex-mobile installation car. The installation took bit of time as we weren't really used to it at that time, yet we've mastered it and result was great.

However, us (who is usually stand by in workshop / and the one who's writting this) and our contracted installers (Now I come to think of it, weren't they suppose to be at dealerships, working?) were all agreed that because 'Korean product' installed on 'Korean car'. doesn't mean It will be same on local vehicles in Australia. In terms of design and mechanism, the system has been designed as an universal product, but It's best to actually check - 3~4 hours of labor allows you avoid 10~15 yelling phone calls. After that, we've installed 4 more of those on each different cars.

  • 2001 JZX100 Toyota Chaser Tourer V - JDM car is actually simple and cool cars to work on, apart from JDM NISSAN (HELLGATE)

  • 2011 Audi Q5 TSI - Belongs to our head installer.

  • 2004 BMW E46 330ci - Belongs to our neighbor car electrician.

  • 2015 Volkswagen Polo - Owned by our MAN - Andrew!

Andrew came to our workshop 2 days ago, and when I actually came to work in the 9'o clock morning, he was ripping his Polo's drivers door off with our installer. I don't know the about detail but apparently Andrew came to our shop to install our Keyless Entry / Push to start system on his Polo - as Dealership / other installers couldn't support him. So the installation began from 8:30Am to

til you couldn't see the sun, 6:00pm. To defend ourselves, We've had to take a look at the Navigation system we've installed, as Andrew told us there's been screen problem occured - solved by redone the wires / cables.- and also, as keyless Entry / Push to Start system is somewhat 'Not popular Item' among stereo installers due to it takes way too many times and it's nothing like an installation of Car stereo system. (It classifies itself as a Car Electrical , not stereo) We wanted to record it as visual installation manual for our installers, and we had to find out the right cables to be connected - safe to say we wanted to use this opportunity as to improve our 'Database'.

So from almost 10 hours of labors, photo shooting and phone calls - the system was installed and ready to go. The perk of this system is, A) you don't need to pull your keys out from your pocket, not even pressing to open the door. THE CAR DETECTS YOUR KEY AND WILL UNLOCK THE DOOR ITSELF WHEN YOU ARE NEARBY. B) It's not genuine look yet it doesn't look too aftermarket either. C) None of those Polos come out with this feature and you can make fun of them So might give you some boost on resale value (too soon though).

It works like any Push to start button, 1 push to put ignition on, while stepping on brake = starts the engine.

Also, the unique feature of this system is, as at least 4~5 times in normal person's life he/she will leave the car keys at Home / Toilet / Mate's Home / Uni / Club / Kebab Place etc - Nothing to be shame of, we've all been there and going to be there in our life. For those events, our system offers a touch sensored passphrase system, that can be pasted inside of your car's door screen. The image tells you straight forward already, but to confirm : This Passphrase system is for only when you don't have a key remot with you - pressing it with sequence will unlock all those doors of the car. Having said that, do not let your mates play nor let other people know about the sequence, It's almost important password as your Bank PIN, phonebook & Gallery password and your PC password.

The Orange text on bottom right corner of remote is a Sticker, not the printed decal.

And this is THE Remote. - Not the gratest design out there yet the features granted isn't neglectable.

Besides, It will be always stuck in your pocket while does all the wok inside of it.

It's somewhat makes people lazy, yet at the same time, It can be really handy feature if you actually have it. In my personal opinion, you can just walk towards your car while your hands full of grocery - the doors will be unlocked itself without you actually put down heavy plastic bags down on the ground and you reach for the key stuck bottom of the pocket.

If that pain reduce is called lazy, well - you gotta start considering for be lazy ;)

Thank you for reading.

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