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BMW E60 iDrive CIC - MirrorLink Retrofit 

The alternative, and ultimate Smartphone Mirroring solution for your Beemer, ideal if you were sufferring from outdated Navigation Map - as It will eventually grant latest GPS Map and realtime Traffic.

BMW E60 iDrive CCC - MirrorLink Retrofit on 8.8".

The probably best upgrade for Any BMW with CCC iDrive Prof.
Which has large screen, Reversing camera and all.

All you needs is a up to dated GPS Mapping that grants real time traffic from your phone app, and possibly some mad media streaming.

BMW F20 iDrive CIC-HIGH MirrorLink Retrofit

If your car missed out upcoming ConnectedDrive / androidauto, which most of early BMW F line ups do - just integrate your smartphone straight away, from your Google Map to Facebook, Spotify, CommBank app and even a Snapchat!

All to be displayed on iDrive screen.

BMW F30 iDrive CIC-HIGH MirrorLink Retrofit

BMW 3 Series with iDrive professional 8.8" , meets smartphone 

Integration that grants you the full displaying of your phone, on that exact iDrive screen. 

BMW CIC / NBT / EVO iDrive : Apple TV Retrofit.

Apple TV retrofit on BMW's iDrive setup.

Allowing iDrive dipslay to be come a TV for your Apple TV.
Whilst sound will be played through cars speakers.

Having a Netflix sesh while you waiting for your mate does sound

good, doesn't it?



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