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Car Model : Audi A1

Used System : AD3G_A1_FIG

Category: : Audi Integrated GPS

Used Contents: : iGO Primo GPS Map (2016 Q1 AUS)

Reference,Tag : : Audi Touch GPS, Audi GPS Navigation, Audi A1 GPS Upgrade

Reference video of Naviplus's  Audi Audio Integrated Touch Navigation

User Friendly Designed.

iGO Primo, is the GPS Mapping ,
desigend from Customer's perspective. 

and granting simplest & easiest
Navigation Platform.


Factory Audio Friendly GPS :

Nothing will be changed nor removed

from the vehicle, but only adding GPS
and dedicated Touch functions.

Overlay of Touch panel over Audio display.
A touch digitizer designed for Audi's Audio display will overlay on glass panel

of Audi audio display.


 Which will grant touch-communication between GPS and Screen.

Whilst you will no longer required to worry about using command dials.

Uses Existing iNAV Button :
Enter and display GPS Mode on screen,

by press and hold of the iNAV button

on Steering wheel controls.

Fastest & Accurate Route Calculation

Based on its own database


Faster Performance:
Equipped with Dual Processor,
Just for Navigation Process.

Voice guidance along with Route.
From speed warning to where to turn

Dedicated Touch Function
- Huge improvement from 
dial & button type GPS

Speed / Red Light Camera Alerts

Throughout Australia.

Factory Warranty retained
- Nothing changes nor removed.

iGO Primo GPS Navigation being displayed on Audi A1's 3G MMi display

iGO Primo GPS Navigation loading screen - custom silver metal texture screen.

iGO Primo is featured with user friendly layout and interface, as designed from user's perspective.

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