What is the "MirrorLink / AirPlay "? 


The system can simply explained as this:
The color audio display of your vehicle will become a 'projector', which will 'Display' your smartphone.

Whilst Car's speakers will become a dedciated sound system for your phone.

For example, If you are running a Google Map / Apple Map through your phone, once It's connected to the 

MirrorLink / AirPlay system - the Map will be displayed on audio display, whilst the voice guidance of Map app will played via Factory speakers, with internal connection between our system and car's AUX port.


*Every action, app you make & launch will be displayed on audio screen.

  It will require you to control the system via Phone, not through screen.


** For iOS Device, Youtube it blocked to be played in AirPlay by Apple, hence we recommend you to use

   alternative Youtube viewer App.